Statement of the jury

For more than 20 years, the FACT communication agency has been supporting car manufacturers and their suppliers in their promotional campaigns and is now without doubt one of German’s leading automotive experts. The agency continues to be owner-managed and, with a staff of 35, creates and designs out-of-the-box analogue and digital marketing solutions from its location in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany, that repeatedly set new standards in the industry. This success does not come about by

chance. For years, FACT has been working intensively with personas and target groups, with sales funnels and the digital and physical touch points of different customer journeys in the automotive world. FACT has understood where the journey is going, mastered the difficult balancing act between digital aspirations and analogue reality, and has succeeded in finding the right balance as well as the right channels and technologies in the transition to the digitalisation of marketing; it has then translated these into neat and highly creative communication solutions. A strong performance with which FACT has deservedly maintained its position at the head of the Premier League of agencies for

a long time.

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