The VAAST E/1 is a technical masterpiece and wonderfully comfortable at the same time. A unique full suspension commuter with deep monoframe. With a groundbreaking new suspension design hidden in the frame. The innovative NAILD R3ACT suspension offers 100 mm of travel at the rear. The system decouples the weight of the rider, the weight of the seat tower, the integrated battery, the motor and the rear load - so everything is suspended for maximum comfort.

Statement of the jury

Anyone who regularly uses an e-bike will know they offer outstanding comfort and functionality. The all-new E/1 has both these traits in abundance and was conceived by VAAST as a fusion of utility, comfort, power, and handling. The bike is extraordinarily responsive and also impresses by integrating an innovative and highly technical suspension system into its sleek monoframe. Both sporty and elegant at the same time, the E/1 is a stunning e-bike that is the purpose-built partner to help you maneuver our modern, interconnected world.

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