Audi charging hub - Pilotstandort Nürnberg

Audi charging hub - Pilotstandort Nürnberg


Audi charging hub – Pilot site NurembergDesignliga - Büro für Raum und Kommunikation The Audi charging hub is a charging hub set. The backbone: a PowerCube with HPC charger (320kW), buffer storage (2nd-life batteries from e-tron test vehicles) and energy management. There are six charging stations in Nuremberg with a 2.45 MW/h buffer. 200kW from the grid and a PV plant deliver 100% eco-electricity able to charge some 80 vehicles per day. Infrastructure with high-voltage power lines and time-intensive planning belongs to the past. A lounge increases user comfort while charging.

Statement of the jury

Thanks to the “Audi charging hub”, charging e-cars is now like going to a gas station, just more comfortable. You may need to wait a little longer, but that time is spent in a modern lounge with a high-grade fit-out. This way, the electrification of mobility not only helps protect the climate but also to slow down overly hectic life today. It is also great that vehicles are charged exclusively using green electricity and the entire plant functions independently. A clean and well thought through charging concept that factors in not just technology but people, too. 

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