Polestar O₂ Konzeptfahrzeug

Polestar O₂ Konzeptfahrzeug


Swedish electric performance brand Polestar has unveiled the Polestar O₂ , a new concept car that redefines the sports car roadster for the electric age and expresses Polestar’s vision of performance, design, and an exciting driving experience. A new thermoplastic mono-material defines the interior to a great extent – a significant step towards a circular economy. In addition, the Polestar O₂ also boasts an autonomous video drone.

Statement of the jury

The “Polestar O2” is a consistent addition to the product family of the Swedish electric car brand as a high-performance sports car roadster. Yet here, Polestar’s developers not only focused on the performance expected of a sports car in this class, but also took the issue of sustainability seriously in terms of the circular economy, which speaks for the brand’s focus on a more environmentally and climate-friendly future. The use of a new thermoplastic mono-material in the interior fit-out is a significant step in the right direction and sets an example for the industry. This is a remarkable vehicle that scores points aesthetically, too, with its iconic design.  

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