Micromobility Commuter

Micromobility Commuter


The Micromobility Commuter project presents a concept for a light electric vehicle for shorter trips. The idea behind the vehicle is to enable more eco-friendly transportation for our daily paths to work. The top priority: efficiency and a low carbon footprint over the vehicle’s entire lifecycle. The vehicle’s main feature: four-wheel tricycle configuration. Current project status: a design study for an existing test vehicle.

Statement of the jury

At first sight, “Micromobility Commuter” looks like a small car. However, the ultralight vehicle with its striking tricycle layout (although it actually runs on four wheels) wants to be nothing of the kind. The concept focused first and foremost on reducing CO2 emissions to the minimum across the entire vehicle lifecycle. The result is a closed vehicle that comfortably moves its users on short stretches from A to B, and protects them from the wind and rain. With its clear and compact form, the design is slightly reminiscent of the bubble-cars of yore, but it is decidedly modern and loveable, is simply great and will win over the hearts and minds.

Best of Best