City One

City One


The CITY ONE can be electrically charged via the household socket and is therefore independent of any fast-charging infrastructure. This makes this innovative, flexible, and cost-effective vehicle ideal for fleet operators in emerging markets particularly. In addition to the permanently installed battery, the City One also boasts four exchangeable batteries that can be replaced manually. An intelligent data platform makes it possible to manage vehicles and energy supply in real time.

Statement of the jury

Designed by Naumann Design specifically for use in emerging markets, the “City One” combines sensible functions and features to create a compact, low-cost electric car that also manages to be very modern and visually appealing. The many parts of the vehicle are quick and easy to replace – a feature that is as appealing as the possibility of charging the battery via the household socket. The four additional exchangeable batteries likewise make a lot of sense and extend the operating radius immensely. A low-maintenance vehicle ideally suited to sharing and which enables users in emerging markets to enjoy modern, climate-friendly mobility.

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