Canoo Design Team

Canoo Design Team


Our design team is a tight-knit group professionals who have come together to collectively “break the rules” of car design. Most of us have had many years of experience at various OEM car companies and are now taking full advantage of the potential design freedom that comes with a new company. We emphasize productivity and the user journey, which requires an extreme focus on functional design thinking. We feed off each other’s’ creative backgrounds and never stop pushing for a better result.

Statement of the jury

Be it for electric vehicles such as the “Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV)” or the Level 2 charging unit integrated into a tool board for your garage at home – with their eye-catching and unique design idiom, the team at US e-vehicle makers Canoo is forever causing a stir. The iconic formal language is never an end in itself but always the result of an intense focus on the target group and its needs. Only if you are prepared to question traditional concepts and courageously try out new paths will you really create something actually new. The Canoo Design Team has once again proved it can do just that with this outstanding piece. A fantastic design achievement that is inspiring and enriches the e-auto sector.

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