Level 2 Charger

Level 2 Charger


This level 2 charger is designed around the idea of being adaptable for people’s everyday lives. From a clean and modern home garage to industrial warehouse, the modular design allows for the charger to help organize, decorate, or store items. This charger is available in both wall mount and free-standing versions. The pegboard design works with a series of accessories. For commercial locations, advertising and co-branding opportunities can be integrated into the optional digital screen.

Statement of the jury

Purchase or use of an electric vehicle often raises the matter of a charging station, which is generally installed in the garage hanging on the wall. With its Level 2 charger station, Canoo goes one step further and integrates the charging station into a display construction similar to a narrow workbench, in which common tools such as cordless screwdrivers and their batteries can be neatly stored and even charged. An elegant solution that appears very modern and high-quality overall and is a real eye-catcher.   

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