Ideas Train: The signals are set for the future. What will future train journeys be like? What do travelers expect of tomorrow’s LRT? The Ideas Train provides the answers! In it, a life-size model of a double-decker railcar, we meld visionary interior worlds and digital service offerings, and then road-test them with our clients. The ideas range from relaxation and lounge worlds as well as functional work and entertainment zones through to a fitness studio.

Statement of the jury

Given rising energy costs, LRT will play an ever-greater role in the mobility mix. Persuading people to switch to rail will require making train travel far more appealing. The Ideas Train as a walk-through life-size model based on a double-decker railcar lets you experience for yourself exactly how the Deutsche Bahn designers think the needs of future passengers. A perfect test center to find out what’s possible and what makes sense. The ideas go well beyond the realm of the conventional which is great and shows Deutsche Bahn’s courage and wish to fundamentally change trains in favor of greater passenger comfort and experience. A progressive design approach that is appealing and has been perfectly realized in formal and technical terms in the Ideas Train. 

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