Statement of the jury

Whether autonomous driving, connectivity, e-mobility or shared mobility – the rapidly advancing development of digital technologies has produced disruptive solutions in a wide range of mobility areas. But as revolutionary as the respective technologies are, their real potential only becomes apparent when they are combined with each other. Until now, however, this has only been possible to a limited extent due to different operating systems. Apex has recognised this pain point in the automotive industry and developed Apex.OS, an overarching operating system platform that integrates all requirements from autonomous driving to e-mobility/electrification and shared mobility to infotainment and

connectivity. And all this in an easy-to-use, robust, reliable and secure – even TÜV-tested – application. Thus, Apex.OS enables the linking of all systems in the vehicle and in the cloud elegantly and conveniently. A promising potential that is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

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