City Transformer

City Transformer


Our goal is to return freedom to mobility. The City Transformer is an electric vehicle that changes its width and handling while driving to facilitate traffic and parking. It offers the smallest environmental and physical footprint for an effective and practical urban vehicle. The City Transformer's wheelbase has two modes: 1 metre width / City Mode - parking and manoeuvring like a motorbike; 1.4 metre width / Performance Mode - safety and comfort like a car. We offer unbeatable sustainability compared to other electric vehicles. Every City Transformer driving in our cities is 2x more energy efficient, weighs 75% less and saves 80% in battery weight compared to the average electric vehicle.

Statement of the jury

The electrically powered “City Transformer” can reduce or expand its wheelbase by 40 cm and this, combined with its already narrow design, is a great relief when it comes to parking in the urban space. Another advantage is its extremely low weight and its tremendous energy efficiency. It is an innovative and likeable little runaround that also looks great from a formal-aesthetic point of view, representing a contemporary alternative to conventional vehicles that is particularly fun to drive wherever parking is scarce and the streets are ever more crowded. 

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